Pinoy Couple Doctors on Honeymoon Hailed Heroes after Treating more than 80 Gastro Patients on Board a Luxury Ship

A Filipino couple who spent their honeymoon in one of the world’s biggest cruise ships were hailed heroes, and could possibly get luxury employment after they helped save more than 80 passengers who were struck with severe gastro.

On Monday while on-board the Ovation of the Seas, Adrian and Laura Lorenzo, both 29, were alerted by one of the ship’s crew and asked if they are experiencing stomach pains.

After telling the crew that they’re both okay, the couple learned that more than 200 passengers are in severe pain due to gastro breakout while the ship is travelling en route to Hobart port in Tasmania.

The couple immediately went out of their room and offered help to the ship’s doctors whose hands were already full.

Adrian Lorenzo and Laura Escueta were just married last week.


Planning to copy this article? Read this first. The couple,

who were both graduated from the University of Sto. Tomas College of Medicine, and just passed the board exam last year, helped more than 80 people to receive first aid and fast relief before the ship could docked in Hobart.

More than 200 people were immediately brought to hospital in Tasmania, and since the Southern Australian City is not used to cater such large volume of patients, they were asked if they can help, and they did not say no.

The couple spent two days in Tasmanian hospital helping mostly British Citizens.

The Royal Caribbean Cruises, the company that owns the Ovation of the Seas, praised the couple for their effort and hospitality and promised to hire both of them if they are interested to join its fleet.

The Australian Government also talked to the couple and shows interest in hiring them, saying Australia is badly in need of “young professionals with great skills” like them.

The Royal Caribbean Cruises offered a refund for their travel fee as a token of appreciation for what they have done, and another two free cruises in Caribbean and Europe if they wish not to join the company.

The couple is planning to open a clinic in BGC upon their return but the plan seems to change after their unlikely cruising experience.

The couple was bombarded with words of gratitude from their fellow passengers upon their departure from the hospital on Wednesday. They went back to the ship to complete their 1-month cruising while making another career decision after the incident. /Nikki Maliksi/



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