Newspaper Links Brangelina’s Split to Pitts’ Pinay Nanny

A local newspaper in New Orleans has linked the controversial split of actors Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to the former’s Filipina nanny for three years.

The NODaily, on its column issued on Thursday, September 20, said the unnamed nanny always accompany Pitt whenever he visit New Orleans in the last 4 to 5 months, and the two appears to have intimate relationship.

The 29-year old nanny, whom the newspaper did not name, was said to be a close personal aide of Pitt in his housing projects in New Orleans.

Pitt developed more than a hundred housing units in New Orleans since the 2006 Hurricane Katrina.

The paper also said that since the woman is not a celebrity, she was overlooked by media and paparazzi.

Prominent celebrity blogs and bloggers Perez Hilton, Celebritynews, and others had rushed to New Orleans on Tuesday to verify the result, but the woman refused to comment on the matter, and asked for his privacy.

The woman, as described by NODaily is Filipino immigrant, and was studying medicine at University of Louisiana at Lafayette, when she met Pitt while the actor was assisting a hurrican victim. The woman said to have worked as an intern in a Lafayette hospital.

Mainstream media linked the split to French actress Marion Cotillard, but the latter denied the claim.

The theories about the split are increasingly implausible. Differing parenting styles, substance abuse and anger issues, an affair with a co-star all were offered as reasons.

Us Weekly reported there was an unspecified family “incident” that precipitated Jolie’s filing. The New York Post said Pitt was too close to Jolie’s estranged father, Oscar-winning Hollywood conservative Jon Voight, which upset her.

The news about Pitt’s Filipina nanny only broke-out recently and was overlooked international media. /Jena Pineda – LA/



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