Watch: Clueless Miss Philippines Earth 2016 Imelda Schweighart Compares Duterte to Hitler

This is what happens when you pick a half Filipino to compete for your country. Half means one only knows 50% of everything.

A Filipina beauty queen has caught the attention of netizens after likening Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler in a Facebook live video.

In the video, Miss Philippines-Earth 2016 Imelda Bautista Schweighart asked Miss Earth Austria 2016 Kimberly Budinsky if Hitler was from her country.

“Okay, that’s a bad question because we normally don’t talk about Hitler. But, yeah, he is,” Budinsky answered.

“Oh my God! Our President is doing Hitler stuff here in the Philippines,” Schweighart replied.

“That’s crazy,” Budinsky quipped, before asking which platform the live video was being aired.

Schweighart immediately deleted the video after drawing flak from netizens who criticized her reckless remarks.

However, a copy of the video is still available in the Pageant Central Facebook page.

It seems the clueless half Pinay has no idea that whatever comes from her mouth would affect the whole country she’s representing.

Whether Schweighart is ignorant or just clueless, only her knows the answer. Its either her social studies teachers were not doing their assignment, or she’s just stupid. /Abeb Zubiri/