Meteorite Falls Over Tuguegarao Rice Fields, Creates 5-Meter Deep Well

meteorite-cagayanResidents of Tagga, Tuguegarao City, Cagayan on Thursday were shocked by a trembling sound that echoed inside 15-kilometer radius.

Tomas Suplida, a resident said they think there was an earthquake because the whole ground was vibrating for few seconds.

The sound occurred around 3:00PM and since it was raining, it took few hours to find out what causes the sound.

Rafael Sumugat was shocked when he visited his plowed rice field and saw a crater.

“Natakot ako at hindi ako makalapit, baka kako mag bomba” (I was afraid and I couldn’t get closer. There could be a bomb).

The residents reported the incident to the City Police and after verifying the site, police asked assistance from PAGASA.

Experts from PAGASA arrived on Tuesday and it was declared that a meteorite hit the area after the city government pumped the water out.

The space object weighs just 37.5 kilograms but it created a 5-meter deep hole  and 7-meter wide due to massive impact.

Residents said soil hit their roof as far as 1 kilometer from the crater.

“This is the first time that a meteorite of this size fell over our space. This is a great specimen”, PAGASA geologist Dr. Dennis Badillo told reporters on Wednesday.

The space object is scheduled to be visited by experts from NASA, Japan Space Agency, and European and South American space agencies.

The site where the meteorite fell became a tourist attraction. Thousands of people has visited the place since Tuesday according to Sumugat.



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