Matt Damon: Pres. Duterte is the Last Man Standing

American actor, producer, and activist Matt Damon praised Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs, and called the president “The Last man Standing” between drug syndicates and possible drug victims.

Damon was the Wednesday guest of CNN’s Anderson 360, together with activists and political analysts James Carville and Michael Moore.

The four discussed about gun violence in the United States and the recent series of mass shootings, especially in Las Vegas and Texas.

Damon noted that America is becoming the most dangerous country in the world surpassing the Middle East despite of ISIS crisis.

When asked about his views in alleged extra-judicial killings in the Philippines by a caller, Damon rejected that rumor and call it a political propaganda.


“I think the Philippine President is doing what his people asked him to do during the campaign period. With a very high approval rating, American people should stop meddling in this man’s own business. We have crisis in America and yet people here are still talking about the Philippines.” The actor said which gained approval from her two colleagues.

Damon also said that drug problem in America is becoming worse and compared it to Mexico.

“I think the problem in Asia, especially in the Philippines is relocating to US now. Pres. Duterte has made a pretty good case there against drug dealers. I think he is the last man standing in front of these drug dealers,” Damon said.

The Academy Award winning actor is known for his hit film series “Jason Bourne” and considered an A-List Hollywood actor.

He is also known for being one of the sexiest men of the year, being awarded by People Magazine on November, 2007.

Matt Damon visited the Philippines during the filming of “Bourne Supremacy”, which some parts were shot in the Philippines. /Pretty Lai/




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