Mark Anthony Fernandez Impregnated Two Policewomen a Hoax

The gullible netizens once again are fooled by a hoax about actor “Mark Anthony Fernandez impregnated two Angeles City policewomen”. The story is far from the truth and was written by some people who not only want to make money, but make fun of the actor.

On Tuesday, Blogger page The Philippine Pride wrote the original piece of the story.

Based on Trendolizer, the story went viral and was immediately picked-up by several opportunist bloggers, one of which is

The original post made by The Philippine Pride included only the actor’s mugshot, but included a photo of two female police officers, making the article vulnerable to serious legal problems. later removed the photo after the owners realized its danger.

Although the post is fake, we consider it a hoax which the sole purpose is to make people wonder, and even laugh.

The problem with other bloggers who copied the original piece is the lack of giving credit to the original author. did not give the credit and pointed a Youtube video at its source.

For sure, mark Anthony Fernandez is already informed as of press time but it is unclear how he reacts. Maybe Alma Moreno has something to say to Karen Davilla about this hoax.



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