Mandaluyong Trigger Happy Cops, Tanods Kill 2 Innocent People

Two innocent people, includinga  wounded womam were shot to death after members of Mandaluyong City police and Brgy. Tanods opened fire at their vehicle.  Report said they were mistakenly getting away from the crime scene as suspects.

A report by GMA 7 morning news program “Unang Balita” said Jonalyn Ambaan was attempting to deescalate the mounting argument when an LPG delivery man shoot and injured her in Barangay Addition Hills.

The wounded Ambaan was rushed to hospital by her companions, but barangay watchmen mistakenly thought that the suspect who shot Ambaan was in the vehicle and was attempting to get away.

Some of the armed watchmen allegedly fired at the vehicle.

The watchmen told responding police officers that the vehicle carried armed suspect and the police started firing at the vehicle too.

The wounded Ambaan was killed along with her companion Jomar Hayawon.

Other companions Eliseo Aluad Jr. and Danilo Santiago were wounded.

Some nine police officers who were allegedly involved in the shooting were relieved, disarmed, and reassigned.

Investigators had also taken custody of two watchmen who were also involved in the shooting.

Mandaluyong City police chief Senior Superintendent Moises Villaceran Jr. said that if the police officers were found responsible for the night’s deaths, they would likely face homicide or murder charges.

The fatal shooting could have been avoided if the police were not hasty and should have collected more information.



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