Why LTO/LTFRB are the Most Corrupt, Worst System Government Agencies

On August 20, 2016, I purchased an old military jeep from someone from Batac, Ilocos Norte. The vehicle was in good running condition but it was not registered for two years. Because it was unregistered, I decided to hire a tow truck to bring the jeep down her in Tanauan City, Batangas.

Based on the vehicle’s record, I am the third owner.

The original engine was Toyota 4K gasoline. It was replaced with Nissan SD22 diesel, but the Certificate of Registration says it’s 4K and tampered with SD22.

I went to the Land Transportation Office (LTO) here in Lipa City to process the papers and to my surprise; I discovered that I bought something that is nearly impossible to register.

According to a guy from a certain emission testing center, he cannot do the test because my vehicle’s papers had a lot of “request system update” or they call it RSU.

I went to LTO but there was no one who can explain what I should do. Every LTO employee that I asked only told me “mahirap yan sir”.

The LTO information guy told me that the CR (Certificate of Registration) must be cleared before I can register the vehicle. He said there were two RSU’s (engine replacement and year model). The year model indicated in the CR was just 003 and he said I had to request a system update pointing me to another window.

Here comes the problem. The guy, who handles system update, asked me P500 for every system update. What? He said he needs to send an email to Ilocos Norte LTO to ask for my vehicle details so it would take several days. Because I needed to register the vehicle, I paid the needed amount.

I returned to LTO after three days and the guy told me that I need to go to LTO Ilocos Norte personally to process the papers. What? So where is my P1,000? It was never refunded and the guy said it was the payment for his time sending emails… a big BS.

I asked around what to do and another guy (not from LTO) suggested me to go to Canlubang, Laguna to process the system update. I followed his suggestion and went ahead.

At Canlubang LTO, I paid P200 and the RSU concerning the year model was fixed right away. The employee who fixed it told me to go to Ilocos to process the engine RSU.

It’s October now and my vehicle is still unregistered because of this problem. I am planning to go to Ilocos before the end of 2016 and hopefully everything will be fixed.

The front plate number is only half so I also have to submit a request for duplicate plates, but since I am not the owner on papers, I have to change it to my ownership first – which will be done in Ilocos as well.

With the President Duterte’s opening of “text hotline on corrupt officials”, I immediately reported the Lipa incident and hopefully, that guy will be removed from his position. I talked to several other people who experienced the same fate and told them to report as well.

The system is what the big problem. If the LTO and LTFRB systems are only centralized, I don’t have to go to Ilocos driving more than 500 kilometers from Batangas just to settle this matter.

The flow of money daily inside these offices is hard to imagine. In LTFRB, “areglo” system  and fixing business is still rampant./Rene Honrade – Tanauan City, Batangas/facebook-share



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