Leni Robredo was married to an Anti-Marcos Teen before She Met Jesse?

The Internet is going crazy after a viral photo of alleged incoming vice president Leni Robredo with another man in wedding dress, claimed to be a leftist, is making rounds online.

The photo which was originally posted by Nikol Thursby on Facebook has been taken down a day after it went viral, but several blogs including this website managed to take a copy of the caption, and the photo itself.

The caption says:


BREAKING NEWS: You’d be surprised to discover this Maria Leonor Gerona Robredo, also known as Leni Robredo was married to this unknown poor guy from Cebu City.

He was allegedly her teen age sweetheart. He was said to be an active supporter of the leftist group during Marcos time. Her parents did not approve of their relationship so she had to run away from home believing that love doesn’t wait for the perfect age.

After sometime, she realized that she was heading towards a terrible life ahead because they were far too young to handle responsibilities of a family life, so she returned home.

Her boyfriend did not finish college, and since she doesn’t want to be left out by her friends and classmates since most of them were heading college that time.

She pursued college studies while secretly living together and got married. She never told her parents or anyone about this marriage although there were times that they are being caught together.

When Marcos government ordered all-out-war against rebels, her husband was believed to be among those who have lost their lives during the encounters.

In 1987 she re-married to former DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo with vows to avenge his first husband’s fate.

The post gained mixed reactions, and mostly negative from Leni’s detractors, saying now they do not wonder why she really hate Bongbong Marcos.

Whether the post is true or not, it’s up to the readers to weigh the information. Robredo’s camp has yet to comment on the viral matter. /Jogie Imperial/