Leave Pres. Duterte Alone, Trump Tells Amnesty International

American President Donald Trump on Saturday silenced Amnesty International Philippines when the latter urged him to challenge President Rodrigo Duterte.

“I say leave President Duterte and the Philippines alone. Let the man do his job and support him when needed instead”, Trump told White House reporters on Saturday before he took his weekend break.

Amnesty International (AI) Philippines called on United States President Donald Trump on Saturday to challenge President Rodrigo Duterte’s human-rights record during the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) Summit.

AI Philippines Director Butch Olano urged Trump, who has spoken about his ability to talk tough with foreign leaders, “to raise the horrifying human-rights abuses that the region is facing.”

“When he comes face-to-face with President Duterte, he’ll be meeting a man whose policies are responsible for thousands of unlawful killings, including dozens of children and the extrajudicial execution of many others, which may constitute crimes against humanity,” Olano said.


“Trump must not keep ignoring the grave human-rights situation in the Philippines. The US President’s willingness to challenge the appalling record of President Duterte’s ‘war on drugs’ is a crucial test of his administration’s commitment to upholding and defending human rights,” he added.

The co-chairs of the U.S. Congress’ Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission had appealed to Trump to bring up the issue of human rights during his upcoming meeting with Duterte.

But trump was unfazed by the group’s demand and responded differently.

Trump said he will never bring any issue to Duterte that could destroy the “beautiful air” of their meeting.

“I say I will only tell him beautiful things. The alleged human rights violations is not included in my agenda. I am not the right person to deal with such rumors. I come to discuss business with president Duterte, not to pick a fight”, Trump said. /Joy Valle/



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