Lawyer: Trillanes Could Face Serious Treason Charges over Scarborough Shoal Issue

International Law expert and American Bar Association (ABA) member, Atty. Ramon Aquino Jr. said on Monday, that Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV could face serious treason charges if he found guilty while the incoming Duterte administration pursue investigation on Scarborough Shoal issue.

On Monday, losing vice presidential candidate and Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, said, presumptive President Rodrigo Duterte could face impeachment over his claim that the “Philippines have already lost the Scarborough Shoal”.

Atty. Aquino on his part said, that Trillanes just wanted to give an advance words to Duterte so the incoming president will not touch the issue.

“The real reason here is that, Sen. Trillanes is afraid of the incoming investigation regarding his treacherous act with Chinese leaders over the Scarborough Shoal issue. Trillanes could not claim an island which is controlled by the other parties. He can’t say that the Philippines own it when China controls it”, Aquino said.

Duterte said he would like to know how the Philippines lost the Scarborough Shoal to China during his Monday press conference.

“The incoming president would like to know information about the Scarborough Shoal, so Trillanes, as one of the major players will definitely be investigated,” Aquino added.

Duterte said he will not go to war over the West Philippine Sea issue, but promised to persecute traitors who sold the parts of the Philippines to China – allegedly, Trillanes is one of them.

“As early as possible, Sen. Trillanes should reveal to the Filipino people why he had to travel to China 16 times. The people are paying taxes for his lavish trips, so the people have the right to know. He cannot just hide anything especially while serving his last three years in Senate”, Atty. Aquino said./Mike Padilla – Makati City/