Did You Know? PDP Laban Rejected Jim Paredes to Run as Senator under Duterte’s Ticket

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Almost a year after the 2016 campaign period, singer-activist Jim Paredes seems cannot move on when PDP Laban snubbed him.

Weeks before the future President Duterte rejected Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV’s offer to be his running mate as vice president, Congressman Teodoro Canlas said his PDP Laban party members unanimously disagree to include Jim on Duterte’s list of senatorial candidates.

Canlas, the then vice chairman of PDP Laban said that Paredes approached him last November 30, three days after Duterte filed his Certificate of candidacy.

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Congressman Canlas said the singer wanted to run as senator provided his name should be included in Duterte’s ticket.

Canlas said he did not accept or deny Paredes, but during their party session two days after, his party members rejected Paredes as one of their senatorial bets.

Canlas said Paredes asked him why PDP Laban members rejected him, but Canlas told Paredes that “they know you better than me”.

“I am from Visayas and personally, I don’t know Mr. Paredes. 16 og our members from Luzon and Metro manila have unanimously voted against him during the party session and I couldn’t do anything about it. We had to respect our Party’s decision”, Canlas said.

Paredes did not file his COC after the rejection. Canlas said Paredes’ rejection may be one of the reasons why the singer hated the President.

Canlas advised Paredes over Bombo Radyo, to let go of the past and focus on the future. /Nikki Maliksi/


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