Inspiring: From Frustrated Call Center Agent to Frozen Foods Businessman

Five months later, I received a very good news from him. He and his lawyer, who is also working in WSH, found a spot for me in the IT department. He also told me that I can go together with two of the nurses who passed the interview. I also received some legal documents suggesting me to go to the American Embassy in Manila for an interview, which I did the next day.

A month later, everything was going fine and my Visa application was forwarded to the US already. On June 2009, Mr. Jones arrived again to process his girlfriend’s papers. He told me that processing her papers was more complicated than ours because the laws and policies are different.

We met again in the same hotel and we parted after four hours of chit chat. He told me that he will fly to Davao the next morning and stay there for a week.

That was June 2009. After a few weeks, I sent him an email asking if he has already returned to the US, but I received no response.

Come July, August, and September – still, I receive no response.

Three more months passed and there was still no response. The first thing that came into my mind was that maybe he got fired or he lost my contact again. With that, I lost hope.

I continued working with heavy heart. The daily struggle made me even more frustrated until I decided to finally end my call center career last November 2010.

At home, while I was checking some old emails, I found Mr. Jones’ old messages. Out of curiosity, I sent him an email asking how he was. And after more than a year of no communication, I finally received a response.

It was then that I discovered everything. According to him, the day after the last time we met, he went to his girlfriend’s house in Davao. His girlfriend invited some guests; mostly males, and they robbed him. He said that he never imagined that incident to happen to him. They left him nothing except 100 pesos that he spent to go to the police station. All of his belongings and even some important documents were lost, including mine and the three nurses’ documents. He couldn’t explain how terrified he was and asked me an apology.

I was shocked upon hearing the news. How many lives were destroyed because of that lady and her friends in Davao?

Because of that incident, Mr. Jones decided not to go back to the Philippines again.

Moving forward, I invited a dozen of my teammates during my birthday. Since I considered it my “farewell party” as well after three years of working, I thought maybe I had to make some preparations for a celebration.

The “shanghai rolls” cooked by my sister caught so much attention. It was a homemade recipe that our family have been enjoying for several years now. One of my teammates, Madel, joked and asked me if she can bring home one pack of uncooked rolls. So, my sister made another pack (styrobox) for her.

Madel’s family happens to be running a “carenderia” in Lipa City. After his mother tasted the recipe, she asked me if her mother can order a dozen pack of rolls. My sister and I were surprised but we accepted the order. I was working from home that time as a virtual assistant and I had a lot of time for extra things at home.

A dozen pack of shanghai rolls cost P450 @ 10pcs x P45 per box. They retail the cooked rolls for P8 each so the mark-up is pretty good.

That was the start of a different turn of events. Since then, Madel’s mother had been ordering P2, 500 worth of shanghai rolls every three days. It made our business known too, so we decided to expand the small business after more than a dozen local restaurants chose to order directly from us.

Madel also decided to quit her call center job and stayed at home doing Internet marketing while acting as an agent for our products – by which she earned at least P5,000 per week in commission.

Everything that happened may just be a coincidence, but if you really think of something that can be your ultimate source of income in the future, you will find success.

My sister’s shanghai rolls recipe has been available and introduced in the market several times before, but it did not hit success because of timing and unavailability of the right customers.

Yes, I may have failed to go to the US but I have no regret anymore. It’s because I know that the person who tried to help me, suffered more than what I experienced; not only physically, but mentally, emotionally, and psychologically.

Today, my sister and I expanded our business to other frozen products. We employed at least 10 people to work with us on daily basis as demand of our products continues to become bigger.

The frozen food business was unplanned, but I came in the right time.


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