This Heartbreaking Story Will Make You Think that Duterte is the Right President at the Right Time

This story was aired on Wednesday, August 24 on TV5 during the afternoon show “Wanted sa Radyo” by Raffy Tulfo and Niña Taduran.

We will not mention the names of involved individuals because the case is still on process, and Mr. Tulfo said he will accompany the complainant at Gen. Bato Dela Rosa’s office at Camp Crame today.

The gravity of this issue will certainly shock everyone.

The complainant was an employee of Meralco who performs disconnection of meters to consumers who failed to pay bills under the policy of the company.

The incident happened somewhere in Cavite on early June. The employee said a certain consumer who is a close relative a certain Congressman Advincula had been refusing to pay Meralco bills for almost three years. Meralco had been disconnecting the consumer’s supply, but because of his powerful influence, the company can do nothing.

The employee, together with a police escort was sent again to disconnect the meter. This time, he was invited by the homeowner to enter the house for some reason. This is where the nightmare started.

The helpless employee was hit, maltreated, manhandled, tortured, while the police escort did nothing outside. He suffered serious physical injuries, and possible eyesight problem.

The employee filed charges against the Solon’s relative, but in sudden turn of events, the case was dismissed. In return, he was charged with dozens of sexual abuse and child molestation. The complaints said to had happened when he entered the house. The employee was hospitalized for several days while being handcuffed with police on watch, and relatives and friends were refused to take care of him.

The police chief, the judge who handled the case, and other  police officers who were involved in a heartbreaking ordeal refused to talk to Mr. Tulfo.

Mr. Tulfo then called Gen. Dela Rosa’s office and were scheduled to visit today, Aug. 25 accompanying the complainant.

This is how the real human rights are violated, but the complainant said CHR did nothing to help him when he reported the issue.

The update of this story will be aired this afternoon on TV5.

The power of corrupt politician and the people around him is beyond imagination.

Meralco provided legal support and lawyers to their employee, but what the lawyers can do if the judge is under the influence of this corrupt politician?

This is how and when President Duterte is needed the most. His promise to eliminate corrupt politicians will certainly solve sad issued like this.

Mr. Tulfo vow to convince the PNP chief to punish all people involved in this very sad incident. /Vicky Lozada/