Graphic: Man Caught Stealing Motorcycle Badly Beaten by Riders

A graphic video of a man badly beaten by riders is making rounds online.

According to Facebook user “Sta. Quiteria Caloocan City”, the man was caught in the act of stealing a motorcycle by a rider.

Other riders arrived and beat the man, hitting his head with helmets.

The video gained mixed reactions, but most people lauded the riders for giving instant justice to the man, who in video, appeared to become unconscious.

Some people reacted, saying that they should not hit the man’s head with helmet as it is very dangerous.

Some said it’s better to give instant justice because if the man landed in jail, he will do the same once he gets out.

Others commented that after Duterte won as presidents, people seems to immolate his attitude, being hard on criminals.

A police siren is overheard in the background.

Watch the video below and see it the riders did a good or bad job.

Warning: Disturbing graphic video.