Grace Poe’s American Husband Subject for Deportation?

The Bureau of Immigration (BI) is asked to investigate on presidential candidate Grace Poe’s husband after reports surfaced that he is working inside the country without necessary permits.

Former Senator Francisco “Kit” Tatad on Monday asked BI  to investigate claims that the husband of presidential bet Sen. Grace Poe is an American national who is working in the Philippines without a valid permit, a lawyer said Saturday

Tatad’s counsel, Manuelito Luna, said “unnamed sources” at the BI tipped off the former lawmaker about the residency status of Neil Llamanzares, who was a former serviceman of the United States Air Force.

“He (Llamanzares) has to clear his name, considering that he’s claiming to be a dual [citizen] or a Filipino when in fact he is an American. If the sources here could be validated by the BI, then it’s up to the Philippine government to undertake the necessary proceedings. If there is a prima facie case for deportation, so be it,” Luna said at a weekly media forum in Quezon City.

The lawyer said they will seek the probe because Llamanzares’ status is a “matter of national interest” as he is a spouse of someone who could be the country’s next president.

Grace Poe is cleared by the Supreme Court but critics still insists the candidate is not qualified to run for president citing her lack of  years of residency.

Grace Poe’s family is all American citizens and according to her recent statement, there is no plan for her children to change citizenship from American to Filipino.

If Grace Poe wins, the Philippines will have an American first family – a status that is considered by many a big insult to the country due to ignorance of many Filipino people./Macky Santos/ Source