Grace Poe Lied: US Releases Record of Poe’s Citizenship Status

american-poeDisclaimer: This article is not written to defame Senator Grace Poe. This is written to let the Filipino people know about the senator’s citizenship status, as a candidate running for the highest position in the country. This article is based on facts (see sources below) – Madel Perata

The camp and supporters of Senator Grace Poe are celebrating after the Supreme Court decided to favor her candidacy. Although the decision has met with more petitions and criticisms even from COMELEC, it looks like Poe’s supporters believe that the Senator is a true person and qualified to be the next Philippine president.

Poe’s supporters missed one thing though. They ignored the fact that the senator was and have been an American citizen for almost her entire life.

Record shows that when Poe was appointed as chairman of MTRCB (Movie and Television Review and Classification Board), she was still an American citizen, contrary to what she told the media sometime in 2010.

Hindi ako maglalakas-loob na tumanggap ng posisyon sa gobyerno, sa MTRCB pa lang, kung hindi ako kwalipikado at hindi ako Pilipino” Poe told the media almost 6 years ago.

Poe’s supporters believed what she said, but the US Government’s record said otherwise.

US Internal Service Revenue (IRS) said Poe-Llamanzares dropped her US citizenship only on 2012.

You can view the screenshot here, or visit the actual file here.

So, will you vote for a liar? Think twice before you decide.


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/Madel Peralta/