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Goat farming in the Philippines is truly a profitable business as goat meat is always in high demand.

Last December 2017 when I traveled from Bacolod to Batangas via RoRo vessel, there were three 10-wheeler trucks full of live goats on-board the RoRo vessel. I had the chance to talk to one of the drivers while the vessel was cruising along Tablas Strait.

The driver, who was also a nephew and confidant of the owner of the trucks, told me that his uncle/employer is making at least P65,000 net profit per truck of goats per trip. The make 2 trips every week providing an estimated net income of P395,000 per week for his uncle.

The businessman who is originally from Bacolod, owns three stalls in Nepa Q-Mart selling goat meat.

“We came from a poor family who worked in sugarcane plantations way back on the early 90s. my uncle started to raise goats in Moises Padilla town. After several years of goat farming, a businessman from Quezon City who was his customer asked him if he wanted to have a stall. He started with that stall. Now he is a millionaire”, the driver told me.

Goat meat is one of the cleanliest meats according to several sources as goats, along with rabbits and carabaos only eat grass.

At the time of this writing, goat meat here in Batangas costs around P280 per kilo while in Quezon City and other Metro Manila areas, it costs up to P350 per kilo.

The following videos provided by Agribusiness How It Works explains how to grow goats whether it is for meat or for milk.

I. Slaughter Goat Farming (Meat)

Slaughter Goat Farming Part 1

Slaughter Goat Farming Part 2 : How to Manage Slaughter Goat Farm

II. Dairy Goat Farming (Milk)

Dairy Goat Farming Part 1 : Dairy Goat Farming in the Philippines

Dairy Goat Farming Part 2 : Dairy Goat Farming Management

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