Giant Python Found inside Engine Compartment of an Abandoned Car near Lake Caliraya

python-manilaA massive reticulated python put the whole resort in fear after a resort worker discovered the giant reptile inside the engine compartment of an abandoned car.

On Tuesday, February 23, 2016, an employee of Lake Caliraya Bay Resort in Brgy. Lewin, Lumban, Laguna, found a 16-foot long reptile inside the car’s engine compartment.

Alexis Bruzo said he was told by his superior to remove the battery from the car to avoid power discharge.

Bruzo said a resort customer from Manila left the car on Friday because he was drunk and was unable to drive home.

When Bruzo opened the hood of Volvo XC90, he was surprised by the massive snake.

“I ran as far as I can after I saw something unimaginable”, Bruzo said.

“I was not able to close and lock the hood and half of the snake was exposed outside prompting people to run away”, Bruzo added.

The resort owner called the attention of police who then removed the snake from the car and put the massive reptile inside the cage.

SPO2 Anthony Cepida said they are still investigating on how the snake was able to enter the closed engine compartment.

Resort supervisor Harry Dogeno said a customer left the car but they don’t have the contact number of the owner.

The snake weighs 47 kilograms and appears starving according to the police.

It was suspected that the animal was intentionally left by the unknown person who left the car. Police is still working with the Land Transportation Office (LTO) to find out the real owner of the vehicle.

Dogeno said there is a possibility that a business competitor try to sabotage the resort by scaring the customers away.

Police also said the car might have been stolen as it  does not make any sense for someone to abandon an expensive car like Volvo.



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