Former Inmate Himself, Gary Alejano Claims Inmates are Not Credible Witness

Former Marine Captain and now Congressman Gary Cajolo Alejano said witness from Bilipid Prison are forced to testify to destroy De Lima. He allegedly further noted that inmates are not credible witness because they are convicted criminals who have nowhere to go.

Alejano himself was a former inmate when he charged after he joined the Magdalo group known for Oakwood Mutiny.

Alejano and Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV were comrades in failed attempt to destabilized the Arroyo government.

Many analysts believe that both former marine officials used their unpopularity to grab government positions.

Trillanes is a known critic of Arroyo and Duterte, but was not vocal against the former President Benigno Aquino III.
Trillanes also accused of getting a lot of payment from Aquino and Liberal Party to destroy Duterte even the before the latter was elected president.

Alejano is among those few who support De Lima.
Alejano said that the testimonies had inconsistencies, but the bottom line is to “destroy De Lima’s credibility” and “paint that all those involved were her boyfriends.”

This follows Sebastian’s testimony that former aide Joenel Sanchez was romantically involved with De Lima, which Sanchez denied. Sanchez also spoke of the alleged relationship between De Lima and her former driver Ronnie Dayan.

But for Alejano, witnesses from inside NBP do not have credibility. He said that although parts of the testimonies may have been true, inconsistencies remain in how the personalities are connected.
He added that they had nothing to lose by lying, which could land them a maximum of six months in jail, when they already had life or double life sentences.

“Tinanong ko po sila… ‘Kaya ba ng (Bureau of Corrections) Chief na ipitin ka?’ ‘Kaya.’ ‘Ang Secretary ba ng DOJ, kaya bang ipitin ka?’ Sabi, ‘Mas lalo na ser,'” he said. “So ibig sabihin, kontrolado na sila ng kanilang mga guwardiya o ng DOJ.”

[Translation: I asked them… ‘Is the (Bureau of Corrections) Chief capable of controlling you?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Is the DOJ Secretary capable of controlling you?’ (The witness) said, ‘Especially her, sir.’ That means that the guards and DOJ still control them.]
Alejano said that he did not believe Sebastian was willing to testify from the beginning.

Both Alejano and Trillanes are former rebels who put the whole country in dangerous situation during the Arroyo administration, and still keep on destroying whoever the sitting president is. /Virginia Pobre/