Former Facebook Employee Admits He Denied Bribe to Suspend Pro-Duterte FB Groups

The suspicion of many Pro-Duterte Facebook Group owners that some of the President’s political opponents are trying their best to suspend Pro-Duterte FB Groups came to light, after a former Facebook Account Manager in the Philippines admitted, that someone who identified himself as an employee of a sitting Philippine senator offered him P500,000 to close specific Facebook Groups.

The former employee, who identified himself as “Rick” (not his real name to protect his identity), told South China Morning News in Hong Kong through Pro-Duterte OFW Organization, that sometime in December 2016, he received an email from the office of one of the senators asking him to permanently disable twenty three (23) specific pro-Duterte groups with at least 10,000 members each. In return, he would receive P500,000.

According to Rick, the offer came with a threat.

Knowing that the said senator has military connections, Rick resigned from his job and went to Hong Kong to work for Symantec – a job offer he refused twice before.

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Rick said he didn’t know if some of his former co-employees in the Philippines received the same offer, but he insisted that his life, job, and reputation came first when he received the offer.

“I voted for President Duterte and that was a personal decision. I am not into politics. I have a career ambition that I don’t want to get tainted just because of P500,000 that may endanger my life and my family”, Rick said.

Rick did not specify the said senators, but people, especially netizens who are following the issue were quick to assume. There are only three people in the senate who have military and police connections. They are Senators Gringo Honasan, Panfilo Lacson, and Antonio Trillanes IV. /Michael Tiu/


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