Fil-Am US Congressman Questions De Lima’s Latest Award, Blasts Foreign Policy Magazine

A representative from Virginia, United States, questioned the latest award given by an American magazine to Philippine Senator Leila de Lima.

Robert “Bobby” Scott, member of Democratic Party and Congressman from 3rd District of Virginia, asked the Foreign Policy Associate Editor Benjamin Soloway what made de Lima a “leading Global thinker” during a discussion on Anderson360 on Tuesday.

“I am not insulting Sen. Leila de Lima because I know her through our common friend back there in the Philippines, but may I ask, what has she done in the past year inside her detention cell that made her a global thinker”, Scott asked question directed to Soloway.

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The later caught off-guard but after short while regained his composure.


“From the beginning, de Lima knew how dangerous her unfettered criticism of her country’s leader might prove […] But de Lima has refused to shut up,” Soloway answered shortly.

The topic about de Lima was touched when host Anderson Cooper asked Scott if President Donald Trump is worth to be awarded as man of the Year by the Time Magazine, which Scott answered “NO’ immediately.

The Congressman then went on to slam Foreign Policy saying a senator inside a detention cell who has done nothing “as a senator” in the past year is not worthy of any award.

Cooper however asked for a short break and the topic was returned back to Trump after the commercial.

Scott was born in Washington, D.C. and grew up in Newport News, Virginia. He is of African American and Filipino American (maternal grandfather) descent.

Scott has a younger half-brother living in the Philippines and owns a resort in Palawan according to him during a 2016 CNN interview. He is the only US high-ranking politician who holds non-diplomatic Filipino Passport which he use during his personal visits to the Philippines.

He added later that the Foreign Policy Magazine should not give de Lima an award because its reporters knows nothing about the Philippines.

Last week, American magazine Foreign Policy named Sen. Leila de Lima as one of the leading global thinkers of 2017 for publicly denouncing President Rodrigo Duterte’s brutal war on drug behind bars. She was also given the same award last year. /May Silva/



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