Duterte Supporters in Saudi Arabia Rescue OFW in Viral Video Who Was Sexually Abused By Her Employer

Lilibeth Duenas Languitan, an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) who, in viral video, was reportedly abused by her employer in Saudi Arabia, was finally rescued by no other than supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte.

Yesterday, a video of her that shows her employer forcefully hugging and kissing

She managed to put her phone in a secret place so she can record an evidence that would prove the abusive behavior of her employer.

The video was shared by thousands of netizens who urged the government to rescue the OFW immediately before she got abuse again by her employer.

One day after the video went viral, netizen Drei Natabio, shared the good news on his social media blog, that Lilibeth was already rescued.


Natabio thanked the people involved in the rescue operation, including Ambassador Adnan V. Alonto and several Saudi authorities.

He also said that Filipinos can rescue anyone if they would join forces against the people who abused the OFWs.

“Thanks be to God Almighty and congratulations to the Filipino Community in Riyadh under the guidance of DDS-parallel for the immediate and successful pull-out of Lilibeth Duenas Languitan. She is now in SRA for turn-over to the Philippine Embassy-Riyadh. Our sincerest thanks and appreciation also to Amba. Adnan V. Alonto and wife Ma’am Jo, ConGen Iric C. Arribas and other embassy staff for their prompt actions in coordinating with Saudi authorities to make the pull-out as smoothly and as effectively as possible.” Natabio said in his post.

“Muli, ito po ay patunay na ang pag-tutulungan nang embassy/polo at mga FilComs na may “TAPANG AT MALASAKIT” ay nagbubunga nang mabilis at agarang solusyon sa ano mang mga pagsubok na dinaranas nang ating mga kulang-palad na mga kababayan.” he added.

Is not yet known when will Languitan would go back to the Philippines to meet her family again.

Many OFWs are experiencing sexual abuses by their employers’ everytear which forces many of them to go home.

Both males and females suffers the same fate, while other males were suffering from discrimination, abuse by not giving salary, and other kinds of maltreatment. /Joy Valle/



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