Duterte: China Can Have Pacific, Indian, Atlantic Oceans, South China Sea

President Rodrigo Duterte on Friday hits China again with his straightforward statement reaction on the latter’s excessive claims on West Philippine Sea.

The tough president said Chinese can have the whole South China Sea including Indian, Pacific, and Atlantic Oceans if they like.

“Gusto ko sabihn sa kanila, kunin mo na Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean pati Atlantic Ocean, inyo na, kinuha lahat,” he said.

Duterte said there was more than enough resources in Mindanao, China can have whatever it was claiming.

“Maski na sabihin mo na makipag-away ang China. Inyo na ‘yan, mas marami pa kami dito, hindi lang nila alam,” Duterte said.

The President has been quoted as saying that he would pursue bilateral talks with China after the tribunal favored the Philippines.

However, Foreign Affairs Secretary Perfecto Yasay Jr. said he has rejected China’s overtures for bilateral talks after Beijing officials insisted that the talks ignore the arbitration ruling.

Yasay, according to Duterte, speaks for the President in matters related to diplomacy.

China has repeatedly questioned the legitimacy of the arbitration proceedings related to the overlapping claims of the two countries.

China, through its nine-dash-line map, is claiming almost the entire South China Sea, including those territories that fall under the Philippines exclusive economic zone.

The Philippines’ EEZ is provided for under the United Nations Conventions on the Law of the Sea, a statute signed by over 190 countries, including China.

The PCA decision is supported by other nations especially Vietnam and India, both have separate border issues with China.

China on the other hand has called for calm after India deployed more than 100 battle tanks near the border on early Thursday. /Source: GMA News, IBTimes.co.uk/