Dutertards Number in Rapid Decline, Study Says

The number of blind supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte is in rapid decline according to the data provided by Asian Political Policy (APP), a Singapore-based think tank focusing on Asian politics.

APP started to monitor Duterte’s influence right after he completed one year in office on June, and data says the tide is going against Mr. Duterte.

Starting July 2017, Duterte had more than 12 million supporters, of which around 8 million are blind supporters, or “Dutertards”. The remaining 4 million are composed of swing voters, the data says.

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From July to September 30, Duterte lost 3.2 million of his swing voter supporters. This includes professionals, working class people, businessmen and entrepreneurs, and college-educated people. The decline according to APP is already expected as these people are not really pro-Duterte, but pro-policy.


“Swing voters are people who believe on policy and not on candidate. These people’s decision can change anytime of the day depending on the President’s policy and other legislation. It is already expected that these people changes favor depending on what good the President can promise and has to offer”, the APP said.

Meanwhile, the APP also noticed a rapid decline on the number of “blind Duterte supporters”.

From July to September 30, the number of Dutertards was cut by 38%. From 12 million Dutertards, Duterte lost around 4.6 million at the end of September.

“Losing 4.6 million solid supporters in just 3 months is not only alarming, but extremely dangerous. It shows that people are having hard time getting along with Duterte. Only the blinds of the blinds remains, but only time can tell when these people give-up and realize that they are supporting a wrong guy”, APP said.

APP also said that the decline on the number of Dutertards has something to do with Duterte’s broken promises, cursing, boasting, and lack of focus on other national issues outside his controversial war on drugs.

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APP also predicts Duterte will likely to resign, and/or succumb into serious illness due to stress before his term ends. /John Lee/

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