Drama? Duterte Orders War on NPA, But…

If President Duterte really wants to destroy the New People’s Army (NPA), the military will need only little intelligence to do so. Duterte knows everything about the rebel group and there should be no problem destroying them, if he really want to.

The death of four police officers is a reminder to the president that the evil NPA should not be trusted and should be destroy. The economic sabotage these terrorists are doing on Southern Philippines should be stopped once and for all.

But, is the Predident really serious when he said he is waging a full-scale war against the NPA?

Let us take a look at the following

  1. Duterte knows where NPA camps are. In fact, he visited them many times.
  2. Duterte knows most of the leaders of the rebel group, combatants or non-combatants.
  3. Duterte earlier told businessmen to “just pa revolutionary tax”.
  4. Duterte admitted he have the same ideology with NPA, but differ on several things.
  5. Duterte can really destroy the NPA if he is serious…..

With the above facts, the military can just bomb the NPA camps using airstrikes if Duterte is not bluffing.

It seems, though, the president is either not serious, afraid of NPA, or have some hidden agenda why something is holding him back to destroy the NPA.


If Duterte is serious, NPA could easily destroyed…. unless he is one of them…/Nikki Maliksi/
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