DMCA Orders Taking Down of Blog Owned by Liberal Party for Copyright Violations

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) has ordered hosting company Godaddy to shutdown, portal blog allegedly owned by the Liberal Party (LP), for serious copyright violations. is a website that republished viral post of other blogs and takes traffic share by ranking on Google organic search. has been the victim of scheme and at the time of this writing, more than 10 articles of articles are found on’s extended homepage.

On November 2, filed a complaint on Google for copyright violation after more than five of this website’s content have been rewritten and republished on

Memebuster is not the only site that slapped by both DMCA and Google. You can see the full lists of other websites that copy contents here.


Contents of are all original and written with creativity to entertain our audience, and copying or rewriting our articles is a mortal sin and is punishable by strangulation.

It is not clear if the owners of, who were reportedly to be members of the Liberal Party, are already informed about their violation.

If you think your content is copied online without your permission, you may send a Google complaint here.



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