Cory Aquino Sainthood Part of “Tuwid Na Daan”?

cory-aquino-saintThe Internet is on fire by the news that former President Corazon “Cory” Aquino, mother of the current president, Benigno “Pnoy” Aquino III, is set to become the 3rd Filipino Saint, after a Jesuit priest, a certain Fr. Catalino Arevalo wants to make the former president a saint.

Arevalo is reportedly closed to the Aquino family, and was also the one who conducted the mass during the funeral of the late president.

In her Philippine Star column, Ramirez said Fr. Catalino Arevalo sees no problem with starting the beatification process for Cory since she was a person with “extraordinary Christian virtues.”

As per rules of the Catholic Church, beatification can only begin six years after a person’s death. Cory died of colon cancer in August 2009.

“From what I know of Tita Cory, I see no difficulty whatsoever and I think that we should start thinking of the possibility of starting a process ourselves,” Arevalo said.

Critics of the Aquino administration however said that the sainthood of the former president is part of “Tuwid Na Daan” campaign by both Aquino, and LP bet Mar Rixas.

“They want to honor everyone they want kahit wala na sa lugar”, Edcel Lagdameo told the press Friday morning.

There is an overwhelming negative reaction from Netizens ever since the priest posted the announcement on his Facebook.

“This is a big insult to the people who suffered during the Cory administration, especially the people of Hacienda Luisita”, a comment said.


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