Chinese Air Passengers are Worst on Earth, World Travel Websites Say

A number of travel magazines and websites named Chinese passengers and tourists as the worst people on earth according to separate articles published from June 2010 to date.

On December 2014 for example, a Thai Air Asia flight reveal the dramatic moment when a female flight attendant was scalded with hot water by an unruly Chinese passenger. The flight turned chaotic and the perpetrator together with his boyfriend was escorted by authorities upon landing.

Travel website compiled some incidents that would prove their claim regarding the world’s rudest passengers.

1. February 1, Kunming Changshui International Airport: In a video that has gone viral internationally, Yan Linkun, a mining executive and county-level Communist Party official, smashes two boarding gates and attempts to send the frame of a sign through the glass door standing between him and the second flight that he and his family have missed.

2. February 14, Beijing Capital International Airport: Six Business-class passengers travelling together refused to fasten their seatbelts or turn their phones off prior to take-off, then become abusive toward the flight attendants and captain, forcing a return to the gate and a substantial flight delay.

3. February 20, Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport: Flight delays on a Melbourne-bound flight on China Southern result in two Chinese passengers beating an employee to the ground. Photos of the crumpled attendant circulated on Sina Weibo, China’s leading microblogging platform.

4. February 22, Air France Flight 132, somewhere between Paris and Wuhan: Two men, reportedly drunk, swipe between seven and 16 bottles of wine (accounts vary from drink carts). When confronted, they become belligerent that the pilot has to intervene. They still manage to threaten the life of a passenger whom they judge as nosy.

The above incidents happened on 2013 alone. The list is just a fraction of what is happening every day in airports and flights with Chinese passengers.

The lists continue in another website

Running to the Runway – In early 2012 roughly 20 angry Chinese passengers at Shanghai’s international airport left the terminal and ran across the tarmac towards the runway. They cam within 200 meters of an incoming plane from the United Arab Emirates and caused a 16 hour flight delay. Authorities are not sure why they ran onto the tarmac. Possibly to create a scene and increase their chances of compensation.

Pilot and Crew Assaulted and Restrained – In October 2012 a Jetstar flight from Melbourne to Beijing was diverted to Shanghai due to bad weather. The passengers were kept on the plane for a couple of hours with cabin crew keeping people calm and under control. After the passengers left the plane a group of Chinese passengers lynched the Captain and flight crew who were picking up their bags, assaulted the captain, forced captain and crew against a wall, physically restrained them and took their bags away. Airport officials and staff did nothing.

Kicking an Attendant – At the end of June a mild mannered school teacher at Wenzhou airport slapped and kicked and attendant to the ground when her flight to Beijing was cancelled and she was not offered any water or cake.

Assaulting an Attendant – On 13 July 2013 a passenger at Shanghai airport tried to rip the name badge of an attendant’s uniform and then hit her. Two airport staff were injured in the brawl that followed and three passengers were arrested.

Storming the Runway – 18 July 2013 More than 30 passengers broke through security and stormed the runway at Nanchang airport after their plane was delayed for 7 hours by bad weather
…and the list goes on.

Whether these are just coincidence or not, it’s safe to say that many of the Chinese passengers lack discipline and think they are superior to other people – just like their government bullying its smaller neighbors.