Breaking News: Group of Mindanao Businessmen Forms Private Armed Group to Combat NPA, Orders Military Asset from Israel Black Market

A group of Mindanao businessmen has reportedly formed an armed group intended to combat the New People’s Army, an Israeli newspaper Jerusalem Post says.

In a column titled “Mindanao Unrest”, the writer detailed how the NPA is destroying businesses and doing economic sabotage through extortion.

According to the paper, the group employed two retired Filipino generals and three retired colonels to master plan the group’s activities.

The report also noted that the group tried to order shoulder-launch rockets launchers, howitzers, and three drones capable of carrying airstrikes. The paper did not say whether the order was approved, but it is believed that the group managed to secure high-powered armaments from black market and smuggled to Mindanao.

The report also said that the Philippine government is not doing enough to destroy the terrorist group.

“If given enough heavy armaments, it will be bloody. The Philippine military do not use fighter drones. If drones fall in the hands of these people, the rebel group who rely only on high-powered small arms will be totally annihilated”, the report said.

The column also noted that the group has enough budget and connections to carry out the operations against the NPA.

The Department of National Defense is still verifying the validity of the report, and trying to contact the source of the newspaper.

Businessmen in Mindanao have long been complaining about the NPA harassment since the time of Duterte’s predecessors.

The Philippine Military cannot afford to have a private military operated by businessmen as it will only cause more problems.

The paper said peace talks is not an option for businessmen, but total destruction of the New People’s Army.

Mindanao is large enough to hide drones and military assets, including tanks, drones, and towed howitzers. /Leila Acosta/


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