Pls. Utang Na Loob Bongbong: Leni Can’t Resist, Begs Marcos to Ask Supporters to Stop Bashing Her

The non-stop bashing of people online of Cong. Leni Robredo is taking a toll on the leading vice presidential bet.

According to GMA Network news, Robredo asked Bongbong Marcos to ask his supporters to stop criticizing her. The report also said the congresswoman is already affected by cheating accusations thrown at her.

“If Leni is not ready on such heavy burden, and if the bashing will not stop, it may affect her psychologically”, psychologist Dr. David Rivera said.

The camp of Robredo has been accused of cheating and election fraud by not only Marcos’ supporters, but by people who want clean and honest elections.

Formal complaints have been filed by Marcos’ camp to “system audit” the COMELEC’s election process.

“You cannot stop people. Telling them to stop is like suppressing their freedom. If she can’t handle it then so be it. She should not let herself used by people above her”, sociologist Prof. Brian Osorio said. /Juvy Orocio/