BAYAN’s Reyes Loses Wallet Containing $5K, Important IDs at Asean Rally, Calls for Help

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Manila | Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (BAYAN) Secretary General Renato Reyes Jr. on Tuesday took a time-out from his protest activity and seek help of Radyo Singko to announce his lost wallet.

Reyes, together with hundreds of protesters were holding their rituals in front of PICC on Tuesday morning when he reportedly lost his purse.

According to the militant leader, his wallet contains important identification cards including his newly-renewed pilot’s license.

“Nananawagan po ako sa mga kapatid nating nakapulot ng aking pitaka, kung maari po ay pakibalik lang ng mga ID sa kahit saang himpilan ng medya o ng pulisya. Mahalaga po ang mga ID, kahit hindi na yong cash”, Reyes heard announcing his lost over Radyo Singko at around 10:00AM on today.


Reyes did not give details of the exact amount he lost, but a colleague who refused to identify himself, said that his wallet contains $5,000 in cash allegedly given by anti-Trump foreign nationals last Monday, and around ₱2,600 also in cash.

It was not clear whether Reyes wallet was snatched or he just lost it unknowingly while being busy shouting during the height of the protest.

The place where the wallet was believed to be lost is known for pickpockets and snatches.

Last week, two vehicles were robbed while the owners were having their dinner at bay walk. Windows were smashed and the robbers took both vehicle owners’ belongings.

“Buti na lang naiuwi niya yong perang pambayad sa mga organizers kahapon, Malaki sana ang naging problema naming”, his colleague who has firsthand knowledge about the incident said.

Despite losing more than ₱250,000, the protest will continue according to Reyes.

“We will lose millions if we stop what we have already started”, Reyes said before leaving the radio station. /Joy Valle/





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