Aquino Government Orders Cutting-Off of Water Supply to Yolanda Victims

Mayor Alfred Romualdez of Tacloban City revealed that the Aquino government has allegedly been planning to cut water supply to the relocation site of typhoon Yolanda victims by the end of April.

Romualdez talked about the said awful move by the government, after all the concerted efforts of the local government units have been made to pursue the seemingly impossible task of rebuilding a devastated city, in a discussion at the Kapihan sa Manila Hotel.

As quoted by Christine Herrera of The Standard, Romualdez told the press, “After thousands of our people have transferred to the relocation sites and bunkhouses, for the past two years, they have yet to see a faucet. The water for cooking and drinking is still being rationed.”

The mayor added, “And now, they wanted to stop the water rationing. I strongly reject that. It’s like killing them all over again and the culprit would be water again, after thousands perished in floodwaters and seawater.” He has been very keen in opposing the plan of halting efforts to ration water to the affected places.

Romualdez has been at cross purposes with the national government after he had openly accused the national government of overlooking their call for assistance after the typhoon Yolanda.

It can be remembered that there was a time after the typhoon has hit when the government declared a no-fly zone over the city as the president went to visit. This has led to the halting of the delivery of relief goods. It was Senator Bongbong Marcos who ordered the pursuance of the delivery even though a previous order has been made. Marcos is Romuladez’ cousin.

According to the report, the mayor has been faced with indifference by the President when he asked for the security efforts to be strengthened albeit the apparent looting on the area. / Sarah Palabrica/