Are these Anti-Duterte, Anti-Marcos Blogs Owned by Mar Roxas?

Ever since the then president Rodrigo Duterte announced his intent to run for president, a number of pro-Duterte sites are popping-up every now and then. Some are legit news blog sites who based their content from legitimate sources like mainstream media, some contains hoax, satire articles, and even exaggerated contents. But one thing in common – either paid or free domain, most of these blogs are pro-Duterte.

Obvious enough, there are several sites that are anti-Duterte, and the president’s supporters always irritated whenever they read something negative about the presidents from these websites.

During the last couple of years of former president Aquino, a site called was created. Unfortunately, the site is offline at the time of this writing. The site contains mostly praise for the Aquino administration, often criticizing China.

Another site called is believed to be created by the same owner based on the way its contents are written.

The same thing posted in there. Praises for the Aquino administration, while criticizing Duterte and his supporters even during the times the current president was still campaigning.

Are these websites run by former DILG Secretary and losing presidential candidate Mar Roxas?

Mr. Roxas, after losing the election has been active in his blogs, including his Facebook account, and some Duterte supporters suspected that these two anti-Duterte, anti-Marcos websites are connected to the former interior secretary.

A quick look at yields many anti-Duterte or his government posts. There were articles criticizing members of his cabinets, lambasting his supporters, and even condemning the Marcoses.

If you are a Duterte supporter, you should examine the legitimacy of the articles first on these websites before taking it seriously, or advise your friends and acquaintances to just stay away from these misleading contents. /Dennis Mediana/



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