American historian and treasure Hunter says WWII treasure buried beneath UP Oblation could be around 10 to 15 tons.

Martin Scott-Thomas, the American historian and treasure hunter who worked as curator at the Japanese Museum of War History in New York, said that the WWII treasure buried beneath the University of the Philippines – Manila Oblation statue, could fetch up to 15 tons.

Scott-Thomas, the man who discovered the said hidden treasure through extensive research and geological survey when he visited the Philippines a year ago, said that most of the stolen Yamashita treasure could be found under the iconic statue.

His 32 years of working in Japanese war museum gave him access to more than 2,400 treasure maps during the World War II. 1,962 of the said treasure maps are found in the Philippines, and the UP Oblation treasure is one of these.

“The land where the treasure is buried is owned by the Philippine government so extraction might not be a problem,” Scott-Thomas told reporters outside museum on Friday.

The historian did not give a comment about the Baguio City convention center issue, where several public attorneys and judges were reprimanded.

Scott-Thomas said the treasure are believed to be a combination of gold bars and jewelries stolen from Thailand, Burma (Myanmar), and Bangladesh by Japanese soldiers.

The Philippine government has been silent about the issue since Scott-Thomas published his findings on American Journal of Treasure Hunters last July, 2016.

“I think the Philippine government is busy doing other things right now, but I believed they have time for this in the very near future”, Scott Thomas said.


UP activists have been silent as well as they have insufficient information about the findings./Lanie Mitra/

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