OKD2.Com is a blog and news website that deals with several issues from daily life issues, current events, humor, and even satirical articles.

Started last year as a research website during the campaign period before the 2016 Presidential Elections, the owners decided to change the course and focus on more serious issues.

OKD2.Com is not affiliated with any political, religious, or any group pro or against the government and/or other religious and private sectors.

Each category of OKD2.Com deals with different topics, so please continue reading below to fully understand this website’s content.

The category “Blog” and its sub-categories contains articles based on everyday life. Contents under sub-category “Inspiring Stories” are submitted to us by our contributors and are verified real life experiences.

The sub-category “Humor & Satire” under the “News” category is where our satirical contents can be found. These contents are based on facts, but in order to express the idea on different way, we sometimes exaggerate and use fictitious names and places in order to protect the privacy of the concerned individuals. Sometimes, a public figure is being satirized as well.

The sub-category “Polls and Surveys” is another satirical content to provide resources for our ongoing research “What If”. We often use fictional names of survey companies in this category, but actual survey results might be presented on the article.

The “sub-category “Archive” is where our old articles can be found. These articles are for reference purposes only and should not be taken seriously as these were written for research purposes.

The category “Social Cancer” is created specifically for the victims of the New People’s Army, discussion about their atrocities, and continuing destructive activities of political activists. You may find real stories under this category.

Contents of OKD2.com are 100% original and reproduction of any of its content without permission from our webmaster is illegal.

Contact us if you have any question.



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