5 Disneyland Alternatives in the Philippines You May Wish to Visit

Disneyland has been creating abuzz online that the company will possibly invest in the Philippines. The reports was not validated and there was no clear response from both the government of former President Benigno Aquino III, and the Disneyland Company.

Whether Disneyland will truly build a theme park in the Philippines or not, Filipinos should not be sad. There are more than 20 parks in the country that every Pinoy who love to adventure can visit.

Let’s take a look at the following Philippine Disneyland alternatives.

  1. Enchanted Kingdom – Sta. Rosa City, Laguna
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Everyone who came from South going to Manila through South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) may notice the gigantic Ferris Well before few kilometers away before approaching Alabang. The ride is one of only 30 rides inside the Enchanted Kingdom.

Founders of the theme park, Mario and Cynthia Mamon were frequent visitors of other theme parks in the Philippines and this led them to open their own. Since its inception in 1995, the amusement park has grown into having seven themed zones with total of 30 rides, including two roller coasters and two water rides.

  1. Star City – Pasay City, Metro Manila
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Star City rides are for people who wish to try extreme rides. Its Star Flyer is known as the only inverted roller coaster in the country, and other rides like Surf Dance and Star Frisbee will surely keep your adrenaline pumping. Just make sure your stomach’s strong enough, though. There are also the Dungeon and the Gabi ng Lagim that might satisfy your taste for horror. Still, if you don’t think you can stand this all, you can always chill out in the park’s famous Snow World…literally.

  1. Sky Ranch Tagaytay
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Riding a Ferris wheel has probably been everyone’s dream and source of childhood happiness (that is of course, if you’re not afraid of heights), because at some point in our lives, we had this feeling of wanting to reach the sky. The Sky Eye in Sky Ranch Tagaytay leaves its passengers more than happy as it takes them closest to the sky, with a scenic view of Taal Volcano just below. If you think you’ve grown out of your thrill-seeking self, then riding this giant Ferris wheel in Sky Ranch Tagaytay will most definitely be the perfect activity for you—because sometimes, all it takes to smile is a moment of calmness near the sky.

The Sky Ranch in Tagaytay experience is once in a lifetime as you are looking down at most part of Taal Lake surrounded by several town of Batangas.

  1. Sky Ranch Pampanga
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Sky Ranch in Pampanga is new, but it equally matches the veteran amusement and theme parks in the country. Its Ferris wheel, the Pampanga Eye, is the tallest and biggestin the Philippine. The park has a variety of kiddie rides, like the park’s Double Decker Carousel and the Wonderflight, and extreme rides, like the Dream Log. There are also gaming booths—that give away prizes to skilled players—scattered around the area, making Sky Ranch Pampanga your all-around weekend getaway.

  1. Manila Ocean Park
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Amusement is not just riding on heights. Manila Ocean Park is known in the country as the only marine-themed amusement park. It’s also known for being able to combine fun and learning—like in its famous Mermaid Swim Experience where participants not only thrash around the waters like mermaids, but are also taught the basics of swimming. There’s a lot to see in Manila Ocean Park, but to complete the experience, be sure to watch the majestic Symphony fountain show that starts at 6:30 PM every night.

There are also other similar places to visit like the Fantasy World in Lemery, Batangas, Splash Island in Biñan Laguna, Campuestuhan in Talisay City, Neg. Occ., Bato Springs in San Pablo City, Laguna, and many others.

Set your schedule and finances and have a weekend of relaxation and happiness! /Ma. Jane Boltron/


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