4 People Seriously Injured by Fellow ASEAN Protesters Asking for Duterte’s Help

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Manila | The three men and a woman, all from Tarlac City, who were seriously injured by fellow ASEAN Summit protesters due to stampede on Monday are now asking for President Rodrigo Duterte’s help.

The four, a couple and two siblings, are among the more than 1,000 people transported by 20 buses from Tarlac City on Sunday.

A rally against US President Donald Trump in Manila on Monday ended in a clash, leaving 20 protesters and six policemen injured.

A shoving match turned into a scuffle when members of militant groups tried to push past the police barricade at the corner of Padre Faura Street and Taft Avenue around 11 a.m. Firemen deployed at the area trained their water hoses on the demonstrators who backed off.


Protesters called the activity their “biggest rally” yet against Trump, who is in the country to attend the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) Summit.

Carrying placards that read “Trump Go Home” and “Ban Trump #1 Terrorist,” the demonstrators also burned an effigy of Trump and President Duterte, who was accused of being subservient to American interests.

Nilda Lastimoso, the 37 year old victim who broke her arm and a rib after being hit unintentionally by fellow protesters, described the experience as horrible, and asking Duterte to help them on their hospitalization.

“Pangulong Duterte maawa naman kayo, nadamay lang kami, hindi naman naming alam na ganito po ang sasapitin naming. Ang mga anak ko naghihintay sa amin hindi pa alam na ganito ang sinapit naming”, Lastimoso said.

Mario Buendia, 23, another victim who broke his nose and face and almost unrecognized said the rally organizers abandoned them.

“Hindi po namin alam kung ano ang mangyayari sa amin”, Beundia told TV5.

Buendia said he was hit by several elbows when people in front of him were retreating from Police barricades.

The four are currently confined at Pasay City General Hospital waiting for any financial help as they have no money to use even for their food. /Joy Valle/



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