10 Reasons Why I Won’t Vote for Grace Poe Llamanzares

grace-poe-american-citizenElection is coming and I thought I could share my own opinion based on facts about a certain candidate for the Philippines’ highest government position in Grace Poe Lllamanzares.

People think that Poe, an adopted daughter of the late King of Action, Fernando Poe Jr. who unsuccessfully tried to win the presidency, can be a good president because “she bares the same last name”.

In here, I am going to enumerate the reasons why I won’t vote for Grace Poe as president in this coming May elections.

  1. There is no record of Grace Poe being born inside the Philippine Archipelago.
  2. Poe gave-up her Filipino Citizenship to become an American Citizen to live in US with her family.
  3. Poe took for granted her family name and run for office even without experience.
  4. Poe’s husband and children are all American citizens and she said there is no plan for them to give up their US citizenship.
  5. Poe’s husband and children can’t vote for her.
  6. No single bill authored by Poe to pass as law. In short, her stint on the Philippine Senate is not productive.
  7. Poe is backed by the most corrupt Marcos loyalist in Danding Cojuanco Poe will just be a puppet like Cory Aquino.
  8. The short-experienced Poe will just be a puppet by experienced officials if she win, like Cory.
  9. Poe is weak and don’t have clear platform of government.
  10. Grace Poe lied about her citizenship.


Now give me your very clear reason why you will vote for Grace Poe Llamanzares.


Tobias Rosal